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Don’t be tied to your desk when ‘it’ happens


Back in the day I managed an IT department that had all aspects of IT goodies. We had physical servers, VMs, complex networking, and dabbled in cloud hosting with AWS. We even had our fair share of DEV coders asking for elastic computing solutions for the latest and greatest DEV ideas. This was a great gig – we had a great team of Network and DevOp gurus along with a handful of in-house coders. The biggest headache of this job was: what happens when ‘it’ hits the fan? You know – server failure, application downtime, etc.

At the time, we relied on your everyday backup/recovery suite. We had local backups for physical and VMs along with copies of our more important data sitting at a cold cloud storage provider. All was good until we actually had a failure that was time sensitive. I was faced with the question: “Do I recover using my backups or do I troubleshoot the issue in hopes of fixing it?”

That can be a lonely island, with a multitude of questions that spring to mind including:

  • What if my backups don’t work correctly?

  • What about recovery time; bare metal restore? I don’t have time for that.

  • What about fixing the issue? I have ZERO idea how long that will take.

  • What if I’m out of the office? Enjoying lunch, or even on vacation?

When ‘it’ hits the fan the last thing you want is uncertainty around recovery time and recovery options. Today’s BDR solutions take the pain out of outages. With Quorum’s onQ unified recovery solutions you can easily recover from ANY outage and fix the issue on your timeline. You can do this from anywhere – in the office, at lunch, even on the beach. We also thoroughly and automatically test your ability to recover, meaning you don’t have to worry IF the recovery solution will work. It just does.


By Jason Snook


Jason Snook is a Systems Engineer with Quorum. Jason is a self-proclaimed ‘passionate IT problem solver’ and lifelong learner whose experience started in systems, led him towards network engineering and security, then back to systems. Jason is a proud Oregonian, growing up along the beautiful Oregon coast before serving in the Air Force and eventually returning to his native state. He enjoys outdoor adventures with his two boys, including racing mountain bikes.


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