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On Chicken Little and Doubling Down


It’s easy to accuse disaster recovery companies of Chicken-Little tactics, to dismiss their warnings of impending doom as self-serving. But the sky really did fall last February when that giant meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia. Even astronomers were caught by surprise, and it wasn’t for lack of looking. Over the last few decades, several countries have spent millions of dollars on dozens of programs to find and track asteroids that could slam into the earth. In response to the Chelyabinsk meteor incident, the United Nations is forming an International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN) “to discover and track objects and generate early warnings of potential impacts.”* What bothers me is: if someone does spot another space rock headed our way, there’s no agreement on what to do about it. Maybe I’d feel safer if the UN put Bruce Willis in charge.

Joking aside, there will be major natural disasters that you can’t predict, prevent, or avert. You can prepare for recovery, and that begins with qualifying your DR provider. Now Chicken Little and his animal friends were so afraid the sky was falling that they trusted Foxy Loxy, who ate them all for dinner. Would a disaster that wipes you out also wipe out your DR service? Are you doubling down with a provider that itself doesn’t follow best practices?

At Quorum, we don’t ask our customers to gamble with a provider that only has one data center, or that only allows recovery through an onsite appliance that may fail. The Quorum OnQ Hybrid Cloud Solution incorporates multiple layers of redundancy. Our DRaaS maintains virtual instances of applications and data in three places: the Quorum OnQ appliance in the customer server room and two places in the Quorum DRaaS cloud. Our mirrored data centers in the US are located on the west coast and the east coast, assuring availability even after a major disaster. So whether it’s an earthquake in California, a hurricane in Florida, or just some spilled coffee, our customers can get their applications back online within minutes.

That’s our way of doubling down.


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