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Take the Scare out of Ransomware


Ransomware, ransomware, ransomware–it’s in the news, the C-Level talks about it, it’s dominating the thoughts of IT professionals nearly every business today. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right backup data recovery (BDR) platform in place, you can effectively turn a ransomware attack on your business into a non-event.

So what is ransomware and why do we care?

Ransomware is a very nasty form of malware, a specialized piece of software that criminals use to target and lock you out of your computers, servers and data. They encrypt your files, holding the keys to unlock them hostage until you pay a ransom for a specific dollar amount, often traded as Bitcoin.

If you don’t pay up you’re looking at potential extended downtime because you can’t access your critical files. This isn’t a baseless threat either–if you don’t pay up, your access to documents, servers, and even applications will be controlled and denied by these criminals.

How do you prevent this aggressive ransomware from getting into your environments? There are plenty of great strategies and technologies that go a long way to address security breaches like this, but there really is no 100% fail-safe solution. So how much do you want to invest in trying to prevent this nasty malware from ruining your day, when it can’t be totally prevented in the end?

Here’s my approach–let’s invest in a better BDR solution instead. That way if the latest and greatest ransomware breach gets inside and starts locking files, and servers, and applications we simply run the production environment that was backed up during the most recent recovery point in the day on our BDR solution while we clean the ransomware infected systems. A robust BDR solution that goes way beyond restoring individual files is needed. This solution must keep your systems online and available–regardless of the outage or the specific need for speedy recovery.

Here’s where Quorum comes into the conversation.

Quorum’s unified backup and recovery solutions can be used to proactively mitigate the potentially damaging effects of a ransomware attack on critical data, servers and applications – turning a potentially catastrophic and costly cyberattack/corporate hostage event into a virtual non-event when it happens.

Our solution goes way beyond file recovery. We keep copies of your entire server farm on our solution. You can run this copy anytime, from anywhere. This copy can exist locally next to your existing servers as well as replicating offsite to provide a true DR/BC solution.

With Quorum’s unified backup and recovery solution you can stop listening to the buzz around ransomware and the worries that go with it. You can rest at ease knowing that you have a solution in place to sidestep any file/server/application locking threats. In the process you’ll realize that Quorum goes way beyond mitigating ransomware–we provide a solution to ensure uptime of any/all of your critical servers, regardless of the reason behind the outage.


By Jason Snook


Jason Snook is a Systems Engineer with Quorum. Jason is a self-proclaimed ‘passionate IT problem solver’ and lifelong learner whose experience started in systems, led him towards network engineering and security, then back to systems. Jason is a proud Oregonian, growing up along the beautiful Oregon coast before serving in the Air Force and eventually returning to his native state. He enjoys outdoor adventures with his two boys, including racing mountain bikes.


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