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If you've been in the trenches of IT for a while, you're probably somewhat cynical when it comes to price tags. "Try our solution at this low price that works with your budget!"... except for this one catch and these six hidden costs. We've all been there.

Because yes, good security and good backup and disaster recovery aren't free. (Well usually. More on that in a minute.) Learning how to use solutions, managing the teams that run them, dealing with vendors and partners, fulfilling compliance audits, overseeing integrations - all of that takes resources. Add in the fact that many of us have been burned by a "solution" that was more like a problem and it's natural to be skeptical of offers that seem a little too good to be true.

So when you hear about onQ vApp Freemium Edition, you might assume that it's not really free, or that's it a sub-par version of our normal advanced solution.

But it really is free.

Not just for 30 days, it's ongoing. And it offers the same robust data and disaster recovery and user-friendly interface as our other solutions. Same recovery within minutes, too.

It’s painless to install. You’ll just enter your information here and then download your Quorum onQ vApp Freemium Edition. It installs right into your current VMware environment, and it guards both your physical and virtual machines.

Yes, it's that simple. You can avert a serious future catastrophe in just moments and then go on with your day.
That’s not the end of your cost savings, though. If you decide to use onQ for any other apps or servers, you’ll realize just what it is to get maximum value from your backup and disaster recovery solution. In addition to offering the fastest recovery in the industry, onQ is also budget-friendly. You don’t need to buy any new hardware or hire specialists to run it. It’s that simple and easy to use.

See, we’ve been around the industry for a while and we’ve seen the struggles companies have with other systems. Long maintenance windows that just don’t work with today’s 24/7 business world. Repeated failures. Breaches, ransomware and outages that throw the company into chaos, and the inability to immediately failover to a current environment. Solutions that eat up storage and network bandwidth. These systems aren’t providing you with continuity and safety – they’re consuming resources and not holding up their end of the bargain.

Take a look at your current system. How long does it take to backup a server, or failover to a backup system? Is that backup system automatically tested or is there hand-holding required? If you want to stay competitive, you need to get high availability, immediate disaster recovery and cloud failover all from a single product – at a cost that works with your budget. That would be onQ.

But first things first. You can decide about protecting your other servers later. Right now you can start using onQ vApp Freemium Edition and give your business a massive security benefit. Anyway you look at it, that makes today a success. Download the Quorum onQ vApp Freemium Edition now and find out what it’s like to enjoy world-class security for free.







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