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Uptime and Recovery Challenges

An essential function for today’s IT staff, is the challenge to maintain system uptime. Because this falls directly on their shoulders, IT leaders need a reliable solution to ensure their critical systems can recover quickly and painlessly in the event of a mishap. With ever-evolving technologies, finding the balance between critical data protection and reliable application availability has become somewhat of a balancing act. To make it more difficult, there are significant challenges in the search for a reliable solution.

  • Challenge #1 Research: The research necessary to sift through, uncover, and understand new disaster recovery (DR) solutions that promise ease-of-use and speed has become a significant undertaking.

  • Challenge #2 True Differentiation vs Marketing Fluff: There are so many vendors in the data protection arena – most of which promote largely similar claims of innovative, cutting-edge capabilities and self-proclaimed advantages. It’s difficult to decipher between true differentiation and marketing fluff.

  • Challenge #3 Legacy Backup and Recovery in the DR Space: Many in the DR space have deep roots in legacy backup and recovery (BAR) that continue to influence their approach. As a result, as customer requirements change, they essentially ‘bolt-on’ new functionality (sometimes courtesy of third-party technology licensing) to meet the recovery requirements of today. The outcome is a mixed bag of various levels of integration, capabilities, support and overall customer experience.

Why You Need a New Approach for DR

It’s no secret that budget requests for DR improvements face heavy scrutiny. Why? Because, more often than not, legacy solutions are viewed as ‘good enough.’ And, in all fairness, for those not directly involved in the failover and failback processes, this could be considered a valid assessment and why budget requests for DR fall upon deaf ears. However, those deeply entrenched in the uptime battle know too well that “good enough” solutions fall short in the end.

The reality is legacy DR technologies have not kept pace with changing and evolving requirements, as well as the new environments they are part of. An investment in a new DR approach may seem optional to a layman because it is so rarely activated in response to a recovery event. They envision it collecting dust – providing value only during the rare Mother Nature-inspired outage. They discount the following realities:

  • Over 90% of service interruptions have nothing to do with Mother Nature.

  • Service interruptions are the bi-products of hardware failure, software failure, and human error.

  • Customers expect perfection. With the increase in Internet technologies, customers, users, employees, and management expect an instant response for every website, application, and server with every click. Always! Any amount of downtime is no longer acceptable.

The Quorum onQ Difference

Quorum’s onQ technology is purpose-built and military-grade, originally developed for U.S. Naval combat systems to enable failover and failback capabilities. Introduced commercially in 2010, onQ technology has evolved to include many new capabilities. Yet, the solution is built entirely by Quorum developers from the ground up to ensure tight, end-to-end integration for the best possible user experience. Quorum’s unique approach to DRaaS leverages onQ to provide a powerful, unified approach to recovery with capabilities and benefits that traditional server backup and data protection products simply cannot match.


Like many competitive solutions, onQ leverages VM clones for speedy recovery of applications, data and systems. However, we have taken this approach to the next level with what we call, PREcovery. What do we mean by this?

  • Fast and Reliable Failover: The recovery VMs are prebuilt from incremental backups and stored locally for HA and remotely for DR to allow fast failover using the desired image, thus reducing recovery time to mere minutes.

  • Automatic Pretesting: Your Quorum recovery VMs are pretested automatically each and every day (power-up, login, and isolated TCP/IP stack testing) – without disrupting your daily workload.

How does that sound? In addition, not only does onQ DRaaS enable you to easily recover anything (a file, an email, a directory, a server, every server in your datacenter), but it also includes functionality that will increase your productivity and speed ROI.


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