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Chi Corporation Continues Tradition of Technology Excellence With Quorum

The Introduction: Technology Pioneer Recognizes Innovation

Chi Corporation is a true industry pioneer, with a history that dates back to the dawn of modern technology. So it’s no surprise that the company has a sixth sense about true innovation in disaster recovery technology.

“Chi started out in the days of mainframe tape, and has evolved over the years into a leading storage and networking solutions provider that specializes in data storage, backup, disaster recovery, archiving, networking, security and virtualization,” said John Thome, executive vice president at Chi. “We’re always on the lookout for new innovations that can better meet our clients’ needs.”

That’s why a few years back, Thome’s interest was piqued when a business associate took a job at Quorum. “He was impressed with Quorum, and suggested we take a look at it as a new disaster recovery offering,” said Thome.

Acting on this recommendation from a trusted former colleague, Thome evaluated Quorum for himself, and saw in it a solution to a problem that has long plagued disaster recovery. “Backup today is kind of broken. People back up their data to a tape or disk, but they have no idea if their backups are good,” he explained. “Furthermore, with traditional backup software, restores are painfully slow, and take hours or days to complete.”

But with Quorum, Thome said, all that is a distant memory. “The coolest thing about Quorum is that after your backup is complete, the [Quorum solution] actually takes the backup of that physical or virtual server and builds an identical image of it, starts it up, makes sure it’s good and shuts it down,” he said. “If you need to bring the server back up, you can do it instantly.”

In the end, Thome said, Quorum saves the customer a ton of money in downtime. “That’s the golden ticket.”

The Impact: Customer Enthusiasm Soars

Of course, client testimonials are the best measure of value, and Quorum has those in spades. One IT manager called Thome after having conducted a meeting to introduce Quorum to his upper management.

“His management team was excited about how Quorum could reduce downtime by bringing up their servers right away,” recalled Thome, “but they were equally impressed with how Quorum delivered a test and development environment for them. This capability is beyond the budget for many customers.”

As a partner, Thome said Quorum is top-notch. “Quorum’s sales and technical support is great. That, matched with an innovative approach to disaster recovery, makes Quorum a solid partner that we’re excited to work with.”


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