Company Overview

Quorum starts with its customers, mid-sized businesses where hard-working information technology professionals must deliver top-tier service with finite budgets and never enough time. They recognize that their customers and clients have ever-decreasing tolerance for delays or interruptions. “Sorry, our systems are down” is never acceptable, because too much business and trust are at stake.

The challenge of constant business readiness makes clear that existing backup systems are increasingly obsolete. Traditional backup assumed that computers were expensive and spare units were not instantly available. Failures meant obtaining new hardware, which took hours or days, and restoring from backup took comparable amounts of time.

Virtualization and cloud services can make spare platforms ready at a moment's notice, rendering unacceptable the delays caused by the old backup-restore paradigm. But raw virtual machines and inert cloud storage are only ingredients of a rapid recovery plan. To assemble all the required ingredients, synchronize constantly with the production environment, and trigger recovery in case of failure requires a new level of coordination to be practical for already overloaded IT professionals.

Using its innovative and patented technology, Quorum automates this entire process. Combined with source-based deduplication, powerful hardware platforms, and highly reliable data centers, Quorum created the onQ systems of appliances and hybrid-cloud services (sometimes called disaster recovery as a service, or DRaaS). Now Recovery Nodes are just a mouse-click away, easily tested, ready to run, creating a level of reliability previously known only in high-end military and data center applications.

The foundation technology of Quorum is a sophisticated system for distributed computing resource management. Originally developed for shipboard combat computing clouds by a "skunk works" R&D team at Themis Computer, they soon realized the technology had compelling commercial applications. As a result, Quorum was spun out as a separate and independent company.

The spin-out of Quorum was funded by Airtek Capital Group Airtek Capital Group (ACG) and a group of technology innovators. These investors have been instrumental in building many successful technology companies including Tekelec (NSDQ:TKLC), Ixia (NSDQ:XXIA), Orolia (NYSE Euronext:ALORO), and Sandpiper Networks (acquired by Digital Island). The accelerating growth of Quorum attracted further investment from Toba Capital, a venture firm founded by Vinny Smith, former CEO of Quest Software, with a team rich in operational experience with business technology.


  • From a qualitative point of view, the greatest benefit has been in peace of mind across the organization. The use of Quorum during Superstorm Sandy has shown that our disaster recovery plan — regarding our data, applications and systems — is secure and now proven.

    Doug Feltman,
    Director of Systems and Applications, 24 Seven, Inc.

    Quorum Customer | 24 Seven
  • With over $13 billion in assets, we need to be comfortable that our disaster recovery solution is secure and bulletproof. We’ve been amazed at the onQ product and all that it can do – plus, it’s so easy to use, it’s almost scary. Eventually, anyone on our technical support staff will be able to run it."

    IT Director
    Large state retirement fund.

    Quorum Customer | A Large State Retirement Fund
  • I really like what I’m seeing here. This Quorum Hybrid Cloud Recovery is the first solution to combine onsite and cloud-based recovery, the first to run its own cloud data center infrastructure [vs. outsourcing] and the first solution that’s capable of doing daily disaster recovery testing.

    Dick Csaplar
    Senior Research Analyst, Virtualization and Storage, AberdeenGroup

    Quorum Customer | Abreeden Group
  • With a normal DR solution, we’d have to duplicate our entire infrastructure offsite, which would involve purchasing multiple servers, and more. We chose onQ because it’s an all-in-one solution that gives us complete disaster recovery within a pair of appliances, saving us money and eliminating unnecessary overhead. We love the ease and simple elegance of onQ.

    James Gentile,
    Chief Information Officer, Arizona Medical Board.

    Quorum Customer | Arizona Medical Board
  • With the Quorum Hybrid Cloud solution, we get an onsite appliance for high availability, plus instant recovery via the cloud. We like that Quorum operates the DR site, since it minimizes management of a DR site for us and is much more cost-effective than if we had to maintain it ourselves.

    Randy Mateo
    IT Manager, California Bankers Association.

    Quorum Customer | California Bankers Association
  • onQ is an easy to use, all-inclusive solution that's perfect for the mid-market. As the industry has moved away from tape and more towards disk-based backups, archiving has gotten lost in the mix. onQ's Archive Vault is an easy to manage archiving solution that meets compliance regulations, enabling customers to archive designated data and easily retrieve individual files or entire directories.

    Luca Jacobellis
    chief operating officer, Cal Net Technology Group

    Quorum Customer | Calnet
  • Our data, applications and systems can now be recovered with one click, meaning that downtime has been slashed from one week to minutes. I estimate this saves us upwards of $100,000. Now we're prepared for any disaster that might come our way

    Alex Roberts
    Associate Director of Technology, Campbell Hall.

    Quorum Customer | Campbell Hall
  • If our server goes down, email could be out for 24 to 72 hours. When you’re living in Newfoundland, there’s no easy access to resources and it might take two days to get new equipment delivered – not to mention set-up time. Peace of mind is #1 for us and onQ gives us the assurance that our email and applications will be back up within minutes of a failure.

    Frazer Parsons
    computer support specialist, City of Corner Brook.

    Quorum Customer | City of Corner Brook
  • We’re very pleased with the [Quorum] appliance. Not only is [Quorum] easy to use, but it allows us to satisfy auditors through regular testing of our systems and we can immediately recover data should something fail. But most important is the fact that [Quorum] works!

    Phil Nigro
    IT Manager, Comhar.

    Quorum Customer | Comhar
  • onQ transforms a time-consuming and complex process into something that's now very easy. Everything that's needed for the task is included within the onQ appliance.

    CTO, Ecom Access.

    Quorum Customer | Ecom, Montreal, Quebec
  • Entisys has chosen Quorum as a core strategic partner in our go to market consulting and product delivery strategy. Entisys has already deployed these devices at customer sites and demonstrated successful results in Disaster Recovery situations. As a result, this technology and partnership are our standard for creating a managed disaster recovery solution for all Entisys customers.

    Michael Strohl
    President & CEO, Entisys Solutions, Inc

    Quorum Customer | Entisys
  • With Quorum, we no longer have the worry of lost productivity or an inability to serve our government customers because of system downtime.

    Erick Edstrom Information Systems Manager,
    Erica Lane Enterprises, Inc.

    Quorum Customer | Erica Lane
  • onQ lets me sleep better at night. It’s taken a big load off my staff’s shoulders, since we’re only a two-person IT shop. I no longer have to manhandle tapes, since onQ automatically backs everything up. onQ has proven to be reliable, fast and cost-effective, while also giving us greater flexibility.

    John W. Todd
    IT Manager, F&M Bank.

    Quorum Customer | F&M Bank, Tennessee
  • When you look at the sophisticated capabilities of the onQ Disaster Recovery Solution, it's hard to believe it does all that it claims to do. After evaluating a number of alternatives, we chose the onQ solution because it provides excellent value - without any 'fine print' or asterisks!

    Marvin Rubio
    IT, FMD.

    Quorum Customer | Fenner Melstrom & Dooling, Birmingham, Michigan
  • A turnkey solution for disaster recovery that doesn't require IT to operate. Simply click a button and watch it run.

    Casey Lee
    Chief Technology Officer, First National Bank, Hays, Kansas

    Quorum Customer | First National Bank, Hays, Kansas
  • A turnkey solution for disaster recovery that doesn't require IT to operate. Simply click a button and watch it run.

    Casey Lee
    Chief Technology Officer, First National Bank Hays, Kansas

    Quorum Customer | FNB
  • With Quorum, we finally have the confidence in our disaster recovery solution that we never really had before.

    P.J. Powell
    Vice President, FTP Inc.

    Quorum Customer | FTP, Inc.
  • onQ incorporates everything into a single appliance, from disk-based backup to disaster recovery. There's no need for multiple appliances, or a SAN, or other solutions. Plus, onQ lets us easily and regularly test our systems using only the appliance - previously, we had no way of efficiently testing our Windows servers.

    Jim Allen
    VP MIS, Georgetown Savings Bank.

    Quorum Customer | Georgetown Savings Bank, Massachusetts
  • No product exists today that’s as comprehensive or as easy to use as the onQ Disaster Recovery Solution. The only way to replicate what QuorumLabs has done is to integrate a number of individual components, which would require a $100K infrastructure at one site and $100K infrastructure at another site. Quorum has engineered out the cost and complexity from traditional solutions and created a simple, turnkey appliance for less than $50K (AU$).

    Stephen Parsonage
    Managing Director, The I.T. Consultancy Group Pty Limited

    Quorum Customer | I.T. Consultancy Group
  • Quorums' hybrid cloud solution blends onsite high availability with remote DR capabilities, so customers can instantly recover data and applications at any time and from anywhere, within minutes of a disaster.

    Gene Loye
    vice president , Innovation Network Technologies Corp.(InNet)

    Quorum Customer | Innovation Network Technologies
  • The problem with most solutions is they're cumbersome and require specialized expertise to operate. Simplicity became our driving factor - we needed a turnkey solution simple enough that any business owner could get systems back up and running quickly. onQ provides twice the functionality at half the cost of other solutions we looked at. It was a slam dunk decision.

    Mark Green
    CRISC- Director of Technology, Isdaner.

    Quorum Customer | Isdaner & Company, Bala Cynwyd, PA
  • Quorum’s Hybrid Cloud DR solution had the robustness and all the features we wanted, and we just had a higher level of comfort with it... everything about it has only reinforced my feeling that I made the right decision with Quorum.

    Bill Foltz,
    Manager, Information Technology, Johnson & Bryan.

    Quorum Customer | Johnson and Bryan
  • Our firm understands that a trial lawyer in today's world must embrace technology to effectively manage the voluminous documents and information that are typical of most environmental cases, class actions, and complex litigation. Our trial attorneys are well aware of the fact that the ability to effectively utilize technology can sometimes mean the difference between victory and defeat at trial, or between a satisfactory settlement and an unreasonable one.

    Kanner & Whiteley

    Quorum Customer | Kanner & Whiteley, LLC, New Orleans, LA
  • onQ lets me sleep at night, and it’s one less thing I have to worry about. We’ve tested onQ by taking down a server and bringing it up in recovery node and everything worked great! Plus, there’s no Windows system administration required of the protected server. It’s disaster recovery-in-a-box. onQ is as simple as it claims to be and, more importantly, it works!

    Jeff Hayward
    IT Director, Lincoln Paper & Tissue.

    Quorum Customer | Lincoln Paper and Tissue, Lincoln, Maine
  • The cost of the onQ solution is relatively inexpensive if you compare it with alternatives. Not only does onQ provide complete copies of our servers, but if the servers go down, we can boot a virtual server within 5-10 minutes and seamlessly recover our data!

    Blaine Fellows
    vice president and IT manager, Marquette Savings Bank.

    Quorum Customer | Marquette Savings Bank
  • After evaluating several solutions, we chose the onQ Site Recovery Appliance because it offers quick recovery of the bank’s data and loan and trust applications should a tornado or other disaster strike. Plus, only onQ allows us to easily test our systems giving us the confidence that everything will work when needed - testing is no longer a nightmare with onQ!

    Carmen Thiede
    IT Director, Mid-Wisconsin Bank.

    Quorum Customer | Mid-Wisconsin Bank, Wisconsin
  • I feel confident that if we were to face any disaster, we could bounce back in minutes, thanks to the Quorum solution. Less downtime and faster data recovery are two great benefits of having invested in Quorum. But most importantly, it ensures the firm's revenue, clients and reputation are safeguarded so we can continue to provide the best possible service.

    Director of IT

    Quorum Customer | Midwest Law Firm
  • We weren’t planning on spending money, but we thought ‘if we don’t do this, we’ll end up wasting money.’ Our job is to find the best, most efficient way to do business, and we’ve done this in a smart and dramatically cost-effective way.

    Robert Thomas
    IT Director, National Governors Association.

    Quorum Customer | National Governors Association
  • Quorum onQ is the hottest total availability solution in the market today. It's an all-in-one appliance offering one-click recovery of data. Plus, onQ is simple and priced for SMB budgets

    Mike Doerfler
    Network Technology Supervisor, Nex-Tech Inc.

    Quorum Customer | Nextech
  • In Southern California, we have earthquakes, fires, floods, locusts, whatever, and we wanted to make sure we’re covered if something happened. They’re putting in a new water main next door. They could easily cut our T1 line. Then, what are we going to do?

    Gregg Blank
    Director of technology.

    Quorum Customer | Platinum Energy, Agoura Hills, California
  • We know that in any situation, we can recover our data, applications and servers by simply pressing a button.

    Wayne BaileyNetwork Administrator, Reno Refractories

    Quorum Customer | Reno Refractories
  • The onQ solution packages together a number of sophisticated technologies into a single box that’s easy to use, implement and manage.

    Grigoriy Milis
    Director of technology at RFA.

    Quorum Customer | Richard Fleishman & Associates, New York City
  • Since we live in a world with earthquakes and other natural disasters, we believe onQ is the way to go. onQ mirrors our company's servers to provide a true snapshot at any time. If disaster should ever occur, we're confident that in a moment's notice we can flip a switch and be back up and running within minutes.

    Matt Campbell
    Director of IT, Saunatec.

    Quorum Customer | Saunatec, Minnesota
  • We like the idea of an easy to use appliance. Now, if our servers go down, we simply flip to the onQ appliance and we’re back up and running. This represents tremendous time savings for us, and I no longer have to come in after hours.

    Keith Ruprecht
    IT Administrator, Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians.

    Quorum Customer | Stillaguamish
  • I am impressed with the Quorum solution. While other solutions lack a local backup and cloud option, the Quorum Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery is a complete and clearly differentiated solution that offers recovery within minutes as opposed to the 48 hour or 24 hour window I’ve seen with other solutions, which defeats the purpose.

    Ashar Baig
    senior analyst, Taneja Group.

    Quorum Customer |Taneja Group
  • One-click backup, recovery and continuity is a fundamental need to ensure a company's continued health in the face of disaster.

    Kevin J. Tangredi
    T-COM Associates, LTD

    Quorum Customer | TCM
  • Quorum stood out because it was easy to manage — perfect for a small IT team like ours. They hit a home run there. We were also attracted by Quorum's ability to use a single click to bring up the virtual recovery node of a critical server, as well as its automatic and on-demand testing capabilities.

    Mike Andrews,
    Assistant IT Manager, The City of Mount Dora.

    Quorum Customer | The City  of Mount Dora
  • Quorum does everything I need it to do: It gets our system back up and running quickly, it's easy to use — it's a no-brainer.

    Todd Huntley Infrastructure Director,
    The Remi Group

    Quorum Customer | The Remi Group
  • Quorum's one-click backup, recovery, and continuity means that we'll never have to worry about system downtime.

    Brenda Meye,
    Information Security Officer, Timberwood Bank.

    Quorum Customer | Timberwood Bank
  • We’ve seen strong demand for long-term archival capabilities and onQ Archive Vault fills this need by providing virtually unlimited archival capabilities in one comprehensive solution from a single vendor. This is particularly important to customers who must meet compliance regulations and are looking for a simple yet sophisticated, all-in-one solution.

    Bob Boyer
    senior vice president of services, Transcend United.

    Quorum Customer | Transcend
  • With the Quorum Solution, I now have peace of mind knowing that we can recover from any type of disaster within minutes.

    Matt Campbell
    Director of IT, TyloHelo, Inc.

     Quorum Customer | TyloHelo
  • Tapes are not as reliable, and you don’t know how good your backup is until you need it. With onQ, before you have time to think about it, it [your data] is restored – it’s brilliant. Plus the service is excellent! Moving away from tape restore is a big plus for us.

    Sue Hulbert
    IT Manager, Weddel Swift

    Quorum Customer | Weddel Swift, UK