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You have the right to expect more than just DR from your ‘DR solution’. 

Obtaining budget approval for disaster recovery (DR) improvements is typically a steep uphill climb for the leader of an IT department. Regardless of industry segment and whether SMB, mid-market or enterprise, the mere mention of “proposed DR improvements” is often met with a chilly reception. Why? Because investments in new DR solutions are often considered a low priority. If ever the need should arise, legacy DR solutions are typically viewed as merely “good enough". In addition, the thought of a traditional DR solution sitting idle, providing no measurable value for the vast majority of the time (aka, “collecting dust”), means requesting the allocation of thousands of dollars for new and improved DR infrastructure is typically denied. The good news? Quorum onQ delivers more and provides continual value. 

About Quorum

QuorumLabs, Inc.  is headquartered in San Jose CA with offices all around the world. Quorum "Disaster Recovery as a Service" (DRaaS) solutions provide organizations with both local and remote instant recovery capabilities for their servers, applications and data. Quorum’s patented onQ technology is purpose-built for exceptionally fast and reliable failover. It is military-grade and was originally developed for U.S. Naval combat systems. Introduced commercially in 2010 and designed with the IT generalist in mind, onQ’s core functionality has evolved into a powerful combination of backup, deduplication, replication, one-click instant recovery, automated DR testing, sandbox testing, migration tools and extensible archive capabilities. onQ DRaaS solutions not only protect your business, but also provide incremental value to increase productivity and speed ROI.


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