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Quorum starts with its customers, mid-sized businesses where hard-working information technology professionals must deliver top-tier service with finite budgets and never enough time. They recognize that their customers and clients have ever-decreasing tolerance for delays or interruptions. “Sorry, our systems are down” is never acceptable, because too much business and trust are at stake.

The challenge of constant business readiness makes clear that existing backup systems are increasingly obsolete. Traditional backup assumed that computers were expensive and spare units were not instantly available. Failures meant obtaining new hardware, which took hours or days, and restoring from backup took comparable amounts of time.

Virtualization and cloud services can make spare platforms ready at a moment’s notice, rendering unacceptable the delays caused by the old backup-restore paradigm. But raw virtual machines and inert cloud storage are only ingredients of a rapid recovery plan. To assemble all the required ingredients, synchronize constantly with the production environment, and trigger recovery in case of failure requires a new level of coordination to be practical for already overloaded IT professionals.

Using its innovative and patented technology, Quorum automates this entire process. Combined with source-based deduplication, powerful hardware platforms, and highly reliable data centers, Quorum created the onQ systems of appliances and hybrid-cloud services (sometimes called disaster recovery as a service, or DRaaS). Now Recovery Nodes are just a mouse-click away, easily tested, ready to run, creating a level of reliability previously known only in high-end military and data center applications.

The foundation technology of Quorum is a sophisticated system for distributed computing resource management. Originally developed for shipboard combat computing clouds by a “skunk works” R&D team at Themis Computer, they soon realized the technology had compelling commercial applications. As a result, Quorum was spun out as a separate and independent company.

The spin-out of Quorum was funded by Airtek Capital Group (ACG) and a group of technology innovators. These investors have been instrumental in building many successful technology companies including Tekelec (NSDQ:TKLC), Ixia (NSDQ:XXIA), Orolia (NYSE Euronext:ALORO), and Sandpiper Networks (acquired by Digital Island). The accelerating growth of Quorum attracted further investment from Toba Capital, a venture firm founded by Vinny Smith, former CEO of Quest Software, with a team rich in operational experience with business technology.