Many a business owner has cursed Microsoft for tight-fisted policies that make it prohibitively expensive to use the company’s solutions, coupled with a painful lack of cross-platform support for more affordable solutions. For many years, if your business partners used Microsoft, you had to use it, as well, if you wanted to share information. Now, […]

All too often, small businesses go for the lowest dollar purchase to accomplish a given task. They send workers into the field with laptops not designed for rough handling. Then, at a critical point in the customer experience, they cannot close the deal or complete repairs because the device they carried has failed. Hardware failures […]

As cloud technologies mature, more businesses stand ready to tap its potential. Cloud computing is not so much marketing hype as the future reality for any business. Many find that a hybrid model, leveraging hardware and cloud computing, allows them the comfort of backup and recovery available through multiple channels. They get the security of […]

In the past, I’ve discussed the essential parts of a disaster recovery plan, but then my travels took me to a blog post from Change Management firm Evolven that addressed all the costs associated with downtime. After reading, I realized that the potential economic losses to reputation from an outage or data breach make reputation recovery […]

Many businesses are looking at virtual servers as cost saving measures. They’re more scalable, flexible, and don’t need parts. And of course, they are much, much cheaper than physical servers are. But virtual servers aren’t impenetrable. They still need physical servers to run on and so suffer the same vulnerabilities. Because of this, full virtualization […]

It’s been over a week since the State Department’s visa database crashed. Travelers are still experiencing long delays and problems. It’s an example of how routine maintenance can turn into an extended problem. When will the database be up and running at capacity again? The best answer you’ll get is “soon.” If only the State […]

Summer is here and the 2014 summer storm season is shaping up to be a doozy. While the west sits in drought, a swath of storm activity will dominate the Plains and southern mid-Atlantic. Flash floods are likely in some western states and hurricane season isn’t far off either. Is your business prepared for this […]

Picture this. Your system is down and you cannot access mission critical data. You have a disaster recovery (DR) plan. You go to access the plan and find that, oops! You can’t access that either. This can happen if you treat your DR plans as administrative data instead of mission critical data, undoing all your […]

Small businesses don’t have big budgets, especially for a function that leaders often see as an afterthought, like disaster recovery (DR). Some of you are lucky just to gather enough budget dollars to cover staff salaries. When money is that tight, you need all the free help you can get. Although some free disaster recovery […]

It’s odd how a power outage at the phone company has customers yelling and screaming, but when a web service goes down, customers generally shrug as if to say, “Hey, these things happen.” So how is it that consumers react one way to a utility outage, but react in the opposite way to a cloud outage? […]