Summer is here and the 2014 summer storm season is shaping up to be a doozy. While the west sits in drought, a swath of storm activity will dominate the Plains and southern mid-Atlantic. Flash floods are likely in some western states and hurricane season isn’t far off either. Is your business prepared for this […]

Picture this. Your system is down and you cannot access mission critical data. You have a disaster recovery (DR) plan. You go to access the plan and find that, oops! You can’t access that either. This can happen if you treat your DR plans as administrative data instead of mission critical data, undoing all your […]

Small businesses don’t have big budgets, especially for a function that leaders often see as an afterthought, like disaster recovery (DR). Some of you are lucky just to gather enough budget dollars to cover staff salaries. When money is that tight, you need all the free help you can get. Although some free disaster recovery […]

It’s odd how a power outage at the phone company has customers yelling and screaming, but when a web service goes down, customers generally shrug as if to say, “Hey, these things happen.” So how is it that consumers react one way to a utility outage, but react in the opposite way to a cloud outage? […]

In the old days, we used mainframes to house our data. Today, many organizations are transitioning to the cloud with software-defined data centers instead. Although high availability and clustering make data move quickly, they don’t solve other problems with virtualized data that necessitate the need for ongoing disaster recovery efforts. This was the topic at […]

We hire specialists for good reason: they’re excellent at what they do. Specialists can perform their jobs down to the finest detail. But when those specialists aren’t available, what happens to your critical systems? That’s where cross-training comes in – training everyone to perform mission-critical disaster readiness tasks so you are never without you most important […]

Okay, so it doesn’t happen every day. But it happens. Sooner or later, every company experiences an outage of some sort — sometimes one of disastrous proportions. Hardware will fail, people will make mistakes, and storms will blow. There’s no changing these facts of life. But you can change how you manage these inevitable events. […]

Too many companies treat disaster recovery (DR) like a redheaded stepchild. It’s that unpleasant part of doing business no one wants to deal with. But would you rather shrug off the very real risk of a disaster or proudly face the unknown, prepared for anything? That’s how firefighters live and that’s just how your DR […]

Just as green is the new black, “resilience” has become a business buzzword used across many disciplines. It seems to have started in development circles to address climate change and helping Third World communities recover from disasters. It then moved on to architects describing a new way of designing buildings to withstand earthquakes and other […]