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Waking Up From The Ransomware Nightmare

Using the Right Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution to Rescue Your Business

The digital world is a high-stakes game for every business. Ransomware criminals will continue to treat companies like ATM machines as long as weak and inadequate backup solutions are on the market. But becoming intimidated or simply ignoring threats is never an effective solution. Organizations must realize that the right BDR solutions are available and can solve their ransomware fears.

The best way to end any nightmare is to wake yourself up. Using a modern, fast backup and recovery solution can do just that, bringing a swift end to any ransomware catastrophe, and taking back the power for your organization.

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The 5 Top Mistakes

In Architecting a BDR Solution

Could one disaster destroy your organization? Ideally the answer is no. Ideally you have a backup and disaster recovery solution that lets you sleep well at night, knowing you can quickly spin up an accurate, high-performing clone of your environment if needed. But reality usually isn’t ideal, and neither are most organizations’ BDR systems. Learn about 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them by leveraging the

8 traits of powerful BDR.


Backup and Disaster 

Recovery in the Cloud

Mention "The Cloud" to almost anyone and they will nod knowingly. Cloud computing has transformed the world of IT in recent years, becoming a ubiquitous theme in the hunt for new ways to reduce costs, accelerate performance and offer convenience in an increasingly mobile world. Even end users who can’t define a hypervisor or file extension have a basic understanding of the cloud.

Yet while SaaS apps play a rising role in most IT departments, some organizations have been slow to catch up with the cloud revolution in one area—backup and disaster recovery.

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Accelerating Your BDR

7 Ways to Turn Your Turtle into a Cheetah

Want to know how you really match up to your competitors? A simple question can tell you. No, it’s not about who rakes in more revenue or who has a fancier office. It’s this: who can recover faster from a disaster? Find out why slow-and-steady loses the race, and how to make sure you win!



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