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Georgetown Savings Bank, Massachusetts

Georgetown Bank Relies on Quorum to Maintain Business as Usual

Business Challenges: Slow recovery time after a disaster; expense of tape backup

After years of relying on an obsolete Sony AIT tape-based system, Georgetown Bank was ready for a change. Jim Allen began his search by considering many options, including tape and online backup, as well as other backup options in general.

The Solution: Quorum ensures redundancy and business continuity with a single click

Quorum partner AGC Networks had just the solution for Allen. “Most other solutions are very complicated, time-consuming and expensive,” said Mark Lindgren, vice president of sales at AGC Networks. “They do nothing to mitigate system downtime, which severely impacts our customers’ revenue and reputation. Quorum provides peace of mind for our customers. They know that with one click, their applications will be up and running, even if their servers go down. It’s very appealing to IT professionals.”

He was right: Allen selected the Quorum appliance for Georgetown Bank based on its overall functionality and fast recovery time.

The Impact: Reduced recovery time, greater cost savings

Now, Quorum enables Georgetown Bank to realize some significant benefits, such as cost savings from abandoning tape, and the ability to recover data and applications within minutes should a disaster occur.

“Quorum incorporates everything into a single appliance, from disk-based backup to disaster recovery,” said Allen. “There’s no need for multiple appliances, or a SAN or other solutions. Plus, Quorum lets us easily and regularly test our systems using only the appliance. Previously, we had no way of efficiently testing our Windows servers.”

Allen gives high praise to Quorum’s simple file-level restores, and said there is a significant time savings. “Quorum’s day-to-day file restore is great,” continued Allen. “With our previous tape system, if a user lost a file, we had to retrieve tapes from offsite storage, hope they are good, find the proper file and restore. With Quorum, we can recover specific user files with a single click instead of the much lengthier process that’s involved with recovery from tape.”

Business Benefits of Quorum Solution

  • One single-step solution for instant restoration of data, applications and systems

  • On-demand and automatic testing

  • Scalable and flexible


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