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Isdaner & Company, Bala Cynwyd, PA

Isdaner & Company chose onQ for its simplicity and ability to meet the company's recovery time objectives.

Business Challenge:

Isdaner & Company was backing up its data to tape and removable SSDs, which was time-consuming and cumbersome. Yet while critical data was backed up, processes and applications weren’t protected, and the ability to recover company data as well as company tax and audit applications “almost immediately” was a key concern – especially during tax season.


Isdaner looked at options from several vendors, but these solutions were too cumbersome and required specialized IT expertise to operate. Simplicity became a driving factor – any principal within the organization, with a set of simple instructions, needed to be able to get systems up and running quickly should a disaster occur. Isdaner chose onQ due to its ease of set up and operation, as well as its ability to meet the company’s recovery time objectives (RTO). If systems go down, onQ provides end-users with transparent access to their data and applications, with minimal impact to productivity. In addition, onQ provides twice the functionality at half the cost of alternative solutions.

Business Benefits:

  • “I can sleep at night!” (Businesses that fail to plan are planning to fail.)

  • It’s simple. Very easy to operate.

  • 2x the functionality at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

  • Not only backs up data, but provides transparent, instant access to critical data, processes, and applications should internal disruptions occur, and short recovery window should a disaster occur.


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