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Quorum improves upon legacy Symantec backup solution's time lag and resulting costliness

Business Challenge:

When disaster strikes, we can count on our nation’s insurance companies to help us pick up the pieces. Their customers’ information is often all they need to get the ball rolling for repairs to a tornado-damaged house or storefront, or even a cracked windshield. But what happens when disaster strikes the insurance company?

“A few years ago, our region was hit hard with a hurricane,” recalled Bill Foltz, manager of information technology at Johnson & Bryan. “Our area was without power for several hours. Even though we were able to communicate with our clients, we realized that there was room for improvement in our disaster recovery plan.”

It was about this time Johnson & Bryan began its due diligence, with Foltz looking into a more complete disaster recovery solution than the tape backup it was using, Symantec BackupExec. He knew that there were cloud solutions that would enable the company to better serve its clients in the event of a disaster. “The management team realized that it’s not a matter of if [a disaster] will happen, it’s when. We had to have some additional redundancy in place,” recalled Foltz. “Using traditional tape methods, we could be facing the possibility of significant downtime. We felt a cloud solution would provide a more comprehensive safety net.”

As if the threat of days of downtime wasn’t enough, Foltz was also concerned about his shrinking backup window. “I’ve been at Johnson & Bryan for many years, and the company has grown considerably. In fact, our growth is usually well above the industry average,” said Foltz. “Growth translates to more data, and more data translates to lengthy backup sessions that reduce our backup window to below acceptable levels. And with remote users wanting to work outside of business hours, these backups became a real hassle.”


Quorum’s Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery solution “ahead of the curve”

Foltz began his search for a new solution on the Internet, hoping to find something that was simple, easy to use and cost-effective. He considered a few different options, including AppAssure (now Dell AppAssure), Unitrends and a proprietary solution from AT&T, before selecting the Quorum Hybrid Cloud Disaster Recovery Solution. “Quorum was simply ahead of the curve in comparison with these others. Its low cost and ability for cloud failover was especially attractive,” said Foltz. “Also, the ability to bring back online more than one server at a time was important. Quorum’s Hybrid Cloud DR solution had the robustness and all the features we wanted, and we just had a higher level of comfort with it.”

The Impact:

Renewed confidence in backup, recovery and continuity solution

For the past eight months, Quorum has been protecting nine of Johnson & Bryan’s 14 servers, and Foltz hasn’t had one hiccup. In fact, he intends to use Quorum to protect a couple more servers in the very near future. And although he thankfully hasn’t yet had to call on Quorum for a downtime incident, Foltz has taken advantage of other Quorum benefits.

“There’s some upcoming maintenance I have to do on the email system, and I wasn’t sure what the results would be or how long it would take,” he said. “So I’ve used Quorum several times to test this beforehand. I’ve been able to bring up the system and test it on real data. That’s been a big benefit.”

Foltz is also impressed with Quorum’s ease of use. “Some systems we looked at had dashboards that were very cluttered,” he recalled. “Quorum’s is simple. Even if a user hasn’t been trained on the system, between the help menu and the clean layout, it’s pretty easy to figure out. Really, everything about it has only reinforced my feeling that I made the right decision with Quorum.”

Business Benefits:

  • Maintains current, virtual copy of any server, so critical applications are ready to run

  • One-click, instant recovery of data, applications and systems

  • On-demand and automatic testing

  • Replaces Symantec BackupExec with simple, cost-effective solution



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