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Quorum onQ appliances are generally sized to store up to 30-40 days of backups. However, many customers will require longer retention periods, perhaps driven by HIPAA, PCI or e-discovery. These can easily be accommodated using onQ Archive Vault, which provides for virtually unlimited growth potential. In addition, onQ Archive Vault leverages the compute resources of the onQ Appliance which helps to reduce deployment cost and load on your production servers. Maximum retention is virtually unlimited, and archive backups can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. In addition, the archive repository data encryption is also available.

onQ Archive Vault Options

onQ Archive Vault Appliance is a JBOD device you can purchase from Quorum. A single instance of the Quorum onQ Archive Vault can be extended to more than 200 TBs across 8 disks storage modules. It is possible to have multiple instances of the Archive Vault, thus allowing unlimited growth potential.

onQ Archive Vault Gateway allows you to take advantage of your existing storage hardware by using it as the repository for your Archive Vault Data. It is connected either by iSCSI, or fibre channel to your storage. The onQ Archive Vault Virtual machine is managed by your onQ appliance. Scalability is limited only by the size of the storage you wish to attach.

Sizing Considerations

As with the onQ Appliance, several variables must be considered when calculating storage requirements to ensure proper sizing. Because of this, a conversation with a Quorum system engineer is required before an order can be placed.


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