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Making the Case for "ABT"

Whether caused by a hurricane, a virus or a storage failure, statistics show that most small to mid-sized businesses will experience at least one instance of system downtime a year. Once a year doesn’t seem like much, but consider this: Aberdeen Group estimates that an hour of downtime costs a mid-sized business an average of $74,000.Then factor in results from a Harris Interactive Survey, which found that IT managers estimate 30 hours on average for recovery.


Top 5 Must Know Facts When Considering a Data Backup, Recovery and Business Continuity Investment

This publicaBon is for small to mid-‐ size business owners and financial/operaBonal decision makers responsible for overall corporate welfare. If your reputaBon or revenue will suffer from a business failure, this is for you.


Creating and Testing Your IT Recovery Plan

Testing at least once per month is important to maintain engineering best practices, to comply with stringent standards for data protection and recovery, and to gain confidence and peace of mind. In the midst of disaster is not the time to determine the flaws in your backup and recovery system. Backup alone is useless without the ability to efficiently recover, and technologists know all too well that the only path from “ought to work” to “known to work” is through testing.


Three things to consider before implementing cloud protection

The options for the safe protection of data were once very costly to build and complex to maintain. Today, there are new alternatives to choose from and many companies are considering the cloud as a safe and secure way to remotely back up and protect their data. The cloud has become a popular trend, especially among small and mid-sized companies, since businesses can outsource this aspect of their operation and eliminate the hassle of day-to-day operations, while still ensuring security of their data.


Why Not All Disaster Recovery Appliances Are the Same

Many disaster recovery solutions, including those from Axcient, Datto, Zenith and Unitrends, often categorize themselves as turnkey “appliances,” touting ease of use and fully automated capabilities. Yet, not all of these solutions fit the true definition of an appliance and are apt to cause frustration when claims of simplicity do not match reality.



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