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Ransomware Mitigation

Ransomware is becoming an ever-present and growing threat to your business. In the first three months of 2016 alone there were 3,500% more domains being used to distribute and control ransomware. And it comes in various and hidden forms—staff might access it via a compromised site they visit or more commonly, they could be tricked into opening a phishing email. As of the end of March this year, 93 percent of all phishing emails contained encryption ransomware, according to a report released by PhishMe.

Bottom line? Even the most vigilant can be duped into falling into the ransomware web.

Relying solely on prevention is a partial solution. So how should you protect yourself?


That can be a tricky question. IT admins will want to build a wall around their systems in the form of a perimeter firewall, IPS, host/server antivirus, etc. There are multiple ‘defense in depth’ guides you can follow.

These defense in-depth guides do a great a job preventing known threat signatures. But what happens when an ill-advised user circumvents your security barriers? Or when that zero-day ransomware threat makes its way inside your system?

If your Data Protection platform can go beyond simple file level recovery–if it can actually run a copy of your servers in the event of a breach–then data protection will save the day.

Turn a ransomware attack into a non-event with Quorum Instant Recovery

Quorum’s next gen backup disaster recovery (BDR) solution is based upon three core principles: it’s fast, easy to use, and it’s complete. Our solution makes a copy of all your critical systems, creating an exact replica of your servers as part of a snapshot-based backup.

If ransomware gets into your environment and locks files, servers or applications, simply run a copy of your servers on our secure BDR platform indefinitely, until you get your production system ‘cleaned’.

How to mitigate a ransomware disaster with Quorum:


Turn it off
As soon as you realize you’ve been breached with the malware, do your best to isolate the affected servers. Take them offline immediately.

Keep working
From the Quorum dashboard, start a clone of your production server from a time that you know is clean. Remember–Quorum’s solution is encrypted. Run that clone for as long as you need.

Clean your systems
Take as long as you need to fix your production systems while the clone is running on Quorum’s solution. We continue to back up your systems even when the clone is running on our solution.

Failback to production
Once your production systems are cleaned and back online, simply failover from Quorum back to production. All changes that occurred while running on our solution will be migrated back to production.
Notice the theme with this recovery scenario? Minimal downtime. You never consider paying the ransom and you look like a rock star because you have a fix in place as soon as you realize you have a problem.

With Quorum, you can avoid the worry when it comes to ransomware.


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