QuickStart Service



Accelerate Implementation of your onQ Appliances

The onQ QuickStart service includes all the installation guidance and product training necessary to ensure you realize all the benefits of your onQ appliances, quickly and seamlessly.


The QuickStart service is an essential ingredient to rapid implementation of your onQ solution. Delivered by Quorum or a Quorum Certified Partner, the QuickStart service encompasses all the tasks necessary to install and deploy your onQ appliances, along with on-line training.

  • Installation Assistance: Installation professionals will walk you through the first-time process of installing and configuring your appliances to protect up to three servers and assist you in planning for protection of all remaining servers in your data center.
  • On-line Training: QuickStart on-line training consists of two separate sessions designed to provide you with a solid familiarity with all the appliance's architecture and features. Additionally, we will cover some of the initial configurations, live recovery and basic problem solving techniques.
    • Session One: The first session is structured around adding the first three protected nodes. A dedicated support member will walk you through the process in real time. We will review each node for disk space requirements, and discuss how Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service plays an integral role in allowing us to take snapshots of your servers in real time. We will also review potential schedule conflicts from third party applications and provide recommendations.
    • Session Two: The second session allows you to review the status of the initial configuration, ask questions and receive additional training on the various recovery scenarios with an opportunity to do a real file-level recovery. We will also review the procedure of relocating the Disaster Recovery appliance without disrupting the connection between the High Availability and Disaster Recovery appliances. Finally, you will be setup with an online account allowing you to have direct access to support in case issues arise after the QuickStart process is completed.


  • Kickoff meeting to establish goals and timelines.
  • Configuration of appliances.
  • Installation of the onQ Agent on up to three servers with initiation of protection.
  • Initial backup and RN creation on the HA appliance.
  • Initial data synchronization and RN creation on the DR appliance.
  • Testing RNs within the onQ test network, including configuration of the RN Self-Test schedule.
  • Training for up to three members of the onQ technical team. Delivered remotely.
  • Review of best practices.
  • Review of HA failover and recovery procedures.
  • Creation of the DR capacity plan.
  • Review of DR failover and recovery procedures.
  • Creation of a plan to complete configuration and protection of remaining servers.
  • Final meeting to ensure goals have been met.

Our Support Reviews

  • I've spoken to some people at Quorum about their product. I've never tried it but it sounds like a really solid product and their support is good as well. Overall, a worthy backup solution.

    A.J. Stringham

  • We've had Quorum installed for over 6 months now and I've never been so impressed with a backup / DR solution in my 17 years in the field. It just works. Having a virtual server farm with this added in will allow you to backup complete VMs without having to worry about tapes, VCB backups, or...

    Ann Raffel

  • We like most places have spent many years looking for a HA and backup solution. The past has notbeen kind to us until we tried the Quorum solution. Just the time saved in running tape backupd and offsite storage is a nice savings. Thie software usen in this solution is easy to configure and...

    Dan Majewsk

  • The OnQ product simply works as advertised…….

    I remember sitting through the demo thinking to myself, "I'm sure it works; however is it as easy as they make it sound to be?"

    I remember installing the agent on my test servers for the 1st time and how skeptical I was about coming in...

    Eddie Asad

  • We spent several years looking for the right solution for our environment and we found it with Quorum. No more tapes or upgrades to backup software. The implementation and support staff are knowledgeable, professional and focused on the customer. As others have stated there are many ways to...


  • Our institution has used the Quorum HA device for over a year and have used the recovery functions several times. When you need something super simple that JUST WORKs, this is the system you should look into.

    While the first glance will give you a small sticker price shock, remember you...

    Jon Jennings

  • We have had the Quorum onQ HA appliance for close to a year now. The install and working with the technical staff is solid A . They are all very knowable and are quick to reply if you have a question for them. I have an Exchange server that was having some issues and needed to run the virtual...


  • Implementing a DR solution is a challenge; it is always difficult to justify using a large portion of your time and budget for something you hope never to use. If you ever have to use your DR, it will necessarily be at the worst possible time; late on a Friday night. Will you remember what...


  • After 17 years of backup to tape I finally made the move to the Quorum onQ disk based system. We researched a number of technologies and products and decided on Quorum for the following reasons:

    • Disk based backup with global deduplication - Plenty of space to save a significant...


  • We are always looking for the best and most cost effective DR solution. With Quorum’s DR device we now have both. Before Quorum, we were using the standard back up to disk. After a recent server failure, we were looking for a better way. We needed a DR solution that did not require a constant...

    Ryan Green

  • We are always looking for the best and most cost effective DR solution. With Quorum’s DR device we now have both. Before Quorum, we were using the standard back up to disk. After a recent server failure, we were looking for a better way. We needed a DR solution that did not require a constant...

    Ryan Green

  • Thank goodness for these folks and thier Cloud DRaaS. We shooped around for ever to get off tapes and signed up with them after Sandy. Best bang for the buck and more!. Never have to worry since the device is on and off site. The folks over there are top notch and know thier stuff. Don't waste...


  • Best service and devices on the market. After Sandy we shooped to get off tapes and signed with these guys. Top in the field, don't bother with anything else. Simple to use and works. Great tech staf.


  • We researched the top vendors for our DR solution and decided on Quorum onQ appliance.

    We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. The installation, configuration and seeding went smooth; we have had the appliance up and running for about 7 months without an issue. Testing and...

    Steve, Mike Lenahanm, IT Director, EBS

  • I have had the Quorum onQ HA appliance for only a couple of weeks now. The install and working with the technical staff is A+ in my opinion. They are very knowable and quick if you have a question. I haven't yet completed all the Start-Up training yet but I ran into an issue that I needed to...

    Steven, Steven Reedal, IT Manager.

  • We have been looking for DR, HA and online backup solution for a long time. We have tested a few products from different companies. I think Quorum is the best so far. It is especially good for company like our size. We are a trading firm with about 200 users.We have Quorum in place for about a...


  • We have had Quorum onQ HA/DR appliance for almost a year and a couple of months at one of my client’s site. The appliance was easy to install and setup. Technical support are super helpful and ready to help us when issue arise or when they detect issues with the snapshots and replications. They...