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Kicking it with Kern

November 13th, 9:30AM PT/12:30PM ET

In this month’s edition of Kickin IT With Kern, Matt discusses all the latest news with Quorum’s latest product, onQ Flex including:

  • DR on Demand
  • How businesses can prioritize DR based on the level of protection they want for each server
  • How onQ Flex adapts to growing businesses
  • And much more

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Past Webinars

Kicking it with Kern

September 18th, 11AM PT/2PM ET

In this month’s edition of Kickin IT With Kern, Senior Engineer Matt Kern shares all the latest updates with Quorum’s latest product update v3.8 including:

  • Agent-less PN enrollment
  • Startup dependencies and grouping
  • onQ Proxy and onQ Central Proxy enhancements
  • Web-based VNC Console
  • UI performance improvements
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • And much more

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Keeping Your Bank Up When IT Is Down

September 9th, 9AM PT/11AM ET

For community banks who rely on IT to be always on, the challenge is no longer recovering lost data files. It’s instantly recovering the entire workflow, and in a way no less compliant to major standards (like PCI and SOX) than normal bank operations would be. The choices are few for instant and fully compliant recovery. This webinar will dive into the choices that are out there, technical and business factors that must be accounted for in choosing the right instant recovery solution, and examples from ICBA member banks.

In this session we will cover 3 main topics:

  1. Instant restoration of IT functions: how banks can continue to maintain security, process transactions, and communicate.
  2. Actionable business continuity/disaster recovery plans that will quickly pass FDIC audits. We will demonstrate ways banks can automate the testing of recovery nodes and ensuring the passing of audits.
  3. How to ensure that even in times of crisis all customer information is secure and compliant to PCI and other standards.

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Preparing Your Business for the Summer Storm Season

August 12th, 10AM PT/1PM ET

Summer is here and the 2014 summer storm season is shaping up to be a doozy. While the west sits in drought, a swath of storm activity will dominate the Plains and southern mid-Atlantic. Flash floods are likely in some western states and hurricane season isn’t far off either.

Is your business prepared for this summer storm season?

Join Quorum for an educational webinar on how IT plays an important role in protecting business revenue and reputation.

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